September 10, 2014

new look and phase.

salam all,

for those who knew me through instagram would realize my new phase and new look. it would be something i should have done long time ago.

it will take time to recreating back my header.


May 21, 2014

new york city part I

secretly, i left my heart in new york city. my dream city. i did not want to go back, i'll bet husband did not want to. there's too many place and so little time to explore.

April 18, 2014

new york city!!!

new york city is always a dream city. can't believe soon it will come true.

almost there!, we planned this trip for quite sometime and really nervous and excited at the same time. we hope for a smooth trip and exciting trip for us little family.

it would be an adventure travelling with a 10 months ( wait!, almost 11 months baby! ) , but we are ready for it.

January 02, 2014

happy new year

salam and happy 2014 everyone. ( if there's one. haha  )

here we go again, yet another year to discover. it's been a really great 2013 for me and my family. we welcomed Embun Jameela in our life, officially i become a MOTHER and PARENTS. something worth waiting for. she is our sunshine.

well, everyone is laying out their new resolution. for me i would want to make life enjoyable as i can. i want to eat healthy and be more positive in life. i want to have more activities with my little family. i wanted to do yoga since i'm pregnant, i will start one soon.

as finding new adventure, we are going to have a trip of our life time. can't wait for that.

that is all for now, happy new year everyone.

November 25, 2013

baby and morning.

One of the best thing having a baby is that you get to enjoy the best of the day. let just say we're not a morning person before.

we spent the morning at the neighbourhood cafe, Quartet. nice place with not so bad food.


November 13, 2013


salam all,

 think i left this space for a quite sometime ( long time ).

here u go, something new from me and my family. enjoy your stay here.

June 18, 2013

at the end of this pregnancy...........

salam and hi all, it's been ages since i wrote anything here. well, here i am again. just wanna share my thoughts on my pregnancy journey and the road that we will be heading next. as this is my first pregnancy, i am so glad and bersyukur that i do not have any morning sickness from the start. everything is ok and well managed. the only major thing that i had was the toothache. can't do anything with come and go and i just have to bear with it.

 i respect every each pregnant ladies that go through such amazing phase even if they felt worse about it, but they know at the end something sweet is waiting for them. the best part of having someone in you is to felt how safe you are. those kicking and tangling feeling is just magical. nothing can top that. even having a bucket full of ice cream can't top that moment. and yet those back pain and waking up in the middle of the night is something i would remember and kept it close to me.

on the parenthood part, we hope that we could adjust to it or hoping it will come naturally for us. that would be the next chapter of this blog.